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The subject obsessed me in youth and throughout most of my early adult life. Mostly due to some experiences which I will lay out over time. However I want to focus right now on the overwhelming wave of sightings going on all over the world. While I was living in Burbank there was a huge wave of sightings about a year before I moved. California in general had a huge influx of sightings and it seems not to be the only place.

But why?

This is the burning question we’ve all wondered at least those of us who have had the fortune or misfortune of having experienced a UFO up close and personal like.

During the 1990s while I was working as a psychic channeling was a very popular mode of psychic work. I was asked to do this for a fellow psychic. I found it very easy and in fact ended up teaching a bunch of other psychics how to do it as well. Long story short this is where Zoma came in. It was the entity I channeled. It was a “We.” What that meant I was never really sure. The one thing I was sure of was this entity or group mind was not terrestrial. It had knowledge of things that were so far out of my range of possible experience it actually freaked me out. It actually answered questions about Atlantis (something I thought was kind of stupid at the time) with such amazingly weird accuracy – exact names of leaders and a pin pointing of where it was – all things I had no interest and/or knowledge of whatsoever. I never really thought much of that session at all until the psychic I had done the work for went to the library and dug up the exact information that was channeled and showed me the transcript of the session. I mean these were  names so foreign I couldn’t believe they were actually the same. It wasn’t like the time Zoma had come up with a street name and a place that was at least in English which also had turned out to be accurate.

When channeling I had only a vague memory of the subject matter and it would fade quickly like water through mesh eventually only the basic wetness would remain until all the water evaporated and I no longer usually remembered the session at all. Unfortunately I spent a year or more channeling for a group of psychics. It was supposed to be a class but it always ended up that I would be asked to do it. I guess Zoma was my guide or whatever you want to call it….

More on this tomorrow….


For the star people

All of you who are here – all of you who have been waiting for your time loooking for your people. This blog is for you to connect with each other. Light workers, wind walkers, star beings, Trail Blazers and all unique visitors who have come here to help – I want you all to use this blog to meet one another and find one another. This is our time to step into position and take our power. You are all here for a reason- you came to help. Post freely, get to know one another and exchange experiences, knowledge and support. May the Great spirit guide and protect you during the next and most important phase of your work here on earth.

Blessings and much love to all of you!


I found this amazing documentary about life after death

About 6 months before hurricane Katrina my husband and I took a trip to New Orleans based on my fear that it was going to be hit by a hurricane and might not be there. I had spent the year freaking out about it and he (knowing me for as long as he has) decided he wanted to get a last look at the place. A lot of weird stuff happened there – paranormal – I’ll tell some of that later but the point here was we took a haunted tour and I got a lot of crazy pictures that were taken in total darkness. I’ll look for them and post them when I so. They were similar or some of the evidence in this film.

Black helicopters after UFO sighting

OK – something I didn’t post earlier since I wanted everyone to focus on how weird and extreme trails in the sky was…

My husband and I noticed, after looking at high quality large res versions of the photos, there are small white spheres that can be seen in the middle of the patchwork- but only on a couple of photos which means a few things…

1. It wasn’t on my lens since these only appeared on a few photos.
2. Whatever it was moved VERY FAST.
3. These things, which I didn’t see with the naked eye this time, but have seen with the naked eye in the area, show up here.

Yes, I have seen these silver spheres floating in formation and then instantly disappearing. I have seen them twice flying over the tree line in the backyard. I also talked to a pair who saw them about 20 miles away. All of us reported these objects to MUFON.

Here are the pictures with better resolution so you can see on the right – one or two white spheres. Later today we saw a military/camouflaged cement truck and 2 black helicopters moments later. Weird is all I’m saying. I have no idea what any of it means yet.








Southern California Big Quake Prediction

This is something I really have an emotional block to – the notion of a giant quake in Southern California. I lived there most of my adult life and went through the January 17,1994 Nothridge Quake. I was still living by my alma mater Cal-Arts at the time which was less than 10 miles from the epicenter. I felt that quake coming for 5 years before it hit and I was reminded by friends I would constantly say (about our home at the time) “it’s going to take an earthquake to get us out of here.” I had several months of food and water stored in our closet which we gave to our neighbors because we had the good sense to head north while the aftershocks were happening.

I’m originally from Chicagoland where the earth is stable under one’s feet – that’s about the only thing a person can count on in the Mid-West. A freak blizzard, tornado fine, but at least one can see those coming to some degree – an earthquake is very disturbing because it is always a surprise.

I had a serious case of PTSD after that quake. I vowed never to go through another one. Ironically I was in Australia and Malaysia months before the outbreak of seismic activity and the subsequent killer Tsunami. I literally spent every free moment placing the area in white light and praying that any quake coming would be mollified. I could feel it in the air and it felt EXTREME. I had trouble sleeping at night!

But like that example of the frog who hops into a pot and slowly the temperature goes up until he’s boiling – feeling an earthquake when you are thoroughly entrenched in life in an area is difficult. In the 1994 earthquake I was relatively new to the area. The difference was easy to feel.

About 10 years ago I felt the energy shifting in Southern California and I begged my husband to move because I felt it starting. Well, it took 9 years to move and before we did I had a very clear dream about seeing a 9.3 earthquake hitting Southern California.

An earthquake of that size would be catastrophic. My mind hasn’t allowed me to see the devastation. In the dream I was where I live now looking at my phone after hearing it ping. It was an app I had just loaded onto my phone that sends a message whenever there is a big quake in the world. In the dream I was reading and rereading the words Southern California and the number because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I still can’t. I have too many friends and memories to believe it possible, but I also know it could be true.

This is a problem for psychics. When we are attached to something emotionally it is much harder to read. In these cases I use multiple forms of divination to confirm a dream or knowing. I often hear, see, feel and even smell things that most people don’t. Sometimes I think it’s as if psychics have extra radio stations programmed into their brains. Everything is out there for us to perceive but most people are programmed to stay focused on the physical plane only.

So back to the point, I have gotten confirmation by multiple sources that a major quake is eminent. I have heard May and I feel it is this year. I have an exact date but I don’t put much credence in it because the earth is on a different time schedule then we are, however I’ll give the date as I feel it will be within weeks on either side of it.

The date is May 14, 2014. But as I said this is by no means an absolute, things can change dates and I have no idea why this one keeps popping into my head. I was reticent to share it because it’s very likely to be off by at least a few days. I can more safely say there is a very high probability of a 5.0 or greater in May of this year 2014. If I get that the day has shifted I will post that.

Blessings to all,


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