OK – something I didn’t post earlier since I wanted everyone to focus on how weird and extreme trails in the sky was…

My husband and I noticed, after looking at high quality large res versions of the photos, there are small white spheres that can be seen in the middle of the patchwork- but only on a couple of photos which means a few things…

1. It wasn’t on my lens since these only appeared on a few photos.
2. Whatever it was moved VERY FAST.
3. These things, which I didn’t see with the naked eye this time, but have seen with the naked eye in the area, show up here.

Yes, I have seen these silver spheres floating in formation and then instantly disappearing. I have seen them twice flying over the tree line in the backyard. I also talked to a pair who saw them about 20 miles away. All of us reported these objects to MUFON.

Here are the pictures with better resolution so you can see on the right – one or two white spheres. Later today we saw a military/camouflaged cement truck and 2 black helicopters moments later. Weird is all I’m saying. I have no idea what any of it means yet.